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For them our education is first rather than anything. If or if not the child is interested or least interested in what education they are providing.       Did they ever asked or thought what their child is interested in gaining knowledge ? Or what are they interested to get known about? Did they ever thought of talking to their child of what is he/she dreaming to become? 
     You as a parent may think that whatever you do, do it for the sake of their happiness. But ever thought of what is their happiness is?  
     Well the point is not that parents are wrong on what they do or think for their child, point is that what the child wants to be. 
     Let them do what they are dreaming, cause "all are dreams can come true if we pursue them".May be they find it difficult in the start, encourage them rather than discouraging. Believe in what they say and what they want to be. Trust them, they will for sure gonna make their parents proud.

Why not - all dreams can come true!

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India at it's 70!

It's been 70 years since we got our freedom, but are we completely observing our freedom?

   Still there are people who are deprived of their freedom. There are people who can't find their freedom. And there are people who don't know what is freedom.

    India has developed far better in these last 70 years. But there are places or people who are completely not able to observe what real freedom is. There are places where still equality is missing. There are places where girl child is killed. There are places where child marriages are carried. There are places where women's are molested. There are places where small child is raped for no reason.

   Don't you think, such things give us the pride to celebrate Independence Day. The cause is to change and develop our nation rather abusing it.

    Independence could be only observed when such things don't happen and we all live together one, no matter what happens.

Mumbai wallah!

We all are some or the other wallah's in Mumbai, there are some people who are the real wallah's of Mumbai.


    Dabbawallah also know as 'tiffin wallah'.The deliver the hot lunch boxes from houses or restaurant to work places. The are common in Mumbai. The carry tiffin to people to people by travelling in train or using a bicycle. They also carry the empty tiffins in the afternoon to their respective places.


   Chaiwallah's known as the teaseller. They are the people who works 24/7 for us. They wake up in the morning 3am and serve for us till 12am. Some people sell their chai's using cycle or by owing a stall or by carrying the can roadside.

3. Golawallah

    Golawallah is one of the famous n favourite for children. He sells ice (crushed) with some added flavors of our own choice. He is specially seen during summer season. He owns his own stall.

4. Istriwallah

    Istriwallah the ironing man. He who irons our dresses. His service ma…

The Brown Girl Talks!

The Brown Girl Talks!

    In this world, since birth every girl child is protected from getting sexually abused. Is it that every girl child is said to take care of themselves, as no one ever said their boy child to take care of their mother, sister, daughter or a friend or to change their view towards women. No one is ever cared about what happens to a women, until and unless she is popular or a celebrity. If a common girl is abused then, who is she for us to care about? If such thing ever happen with your mother, sister, daughter or a (special) friend. If the case is cared and published everywhere then it is also for their own sake of getting TRP ratings.

    Since birth, mom always said to avoid wearing skirts, wear long jeans and long tops. Cover your cleavage. Don't show that you are attracting the opposite sex. Don't seek attention.why such things are said often to females rather to males. Why not change our thoughts rather put action?

Let's visit the Lord!

Isn't the season of Bappa is arriving? So as there are only few days left for the celebration of Bappa to visit our homes/towns/city. Let's talk about something about the most loved Bappa.Do you remember the first time you saw Bappa, and ask your parents why is this Elephant face idol is worshiped? Have you ever wondered why do we celebrate with such bombard?

     As we all know is the Lord who help us in getting out of our obstacles. He is the one who is worshiped first in every aspects.
   We celebrate Ganesh Chaturti for  10 days on his remarkable birthday. We make his favourite dishes and offer him. He is worshiped with love and care.
   In Mumbai, Ganesh chaturti is not only a festival, it an emotion or feeling. He is worshiped by every other people. It is seen that, not only Hindus but also Christan's and Muslim people also.

    It is a fun and joy to visit different different range of Ganpati. So…

A Walk through the DHARAVI SLUM!

WHY YOU MUST GO ON A TOUR OF DHARAVI SLUM!(it's not the negative, depressing place you'd expect). 'In His Skin' - Image by Harsha Pandav, sourced via
   In a city of over 20 million people, space is understandably at a premium in Mumbai. For the working class, daily life in Mumbai is commonly played out in what are called chawls -- multi level with single small rooms, which usually accommodate a whole family, often with a shared bathroom for each floor. Prices are ridiculously expensive, even more so than New York!    Dharavi, the teeming slum of one million souls,where as many as 18,000 people crowd into a single acre. It is routinely called "Asia's largest slum". Ask any long time resident - some families have been there for more than two to three generations, "how Dharavi came to be?" and they will say "we built it!"
I hope you guys are familiar with Dharavi from the movie Slumdog Millionaire.
 some facts…

Let's know about it!

Things we Tamilians are tired of hearing!
Being a Tamilian it is hard to make people understand the difference between a South Indian and Tamilian. Let me explain you there are total 5 states in south India so accordingly each state has their own language, they are Telegu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kanada.  Here are some common problems that we Tamilians are tired of!
1.“You’re so fair! How are you even Tamilian?” (this is too awkward *)

2.“Dude, why are your film actors so ugly?”  (maybe because we like actors who can act *)

3.Why is your language like vango, pongo, and mango?  (do yourself a favor and stop talking right now*)

4.“Let’s go get some dosa and sambar!”(actually that sounds delicious*)

5.You guys might be eating iddlis and dosa daily, wow! (no we don’t *)

6.“ Hey I know about you Tamil people , I read them in 2 states” (no words , only tears*)

7.“I pronounced your name right this time, didn’t I?”  (You took more than 50 tries but yay!*)

8.“Bet you were class topper. Tamil people are nerd…